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Former-Ms. Wheelchair Virginia 2017

Lelia Dunning

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*** We are searching for photos of each Former Titleholder to add to the website...Please contact us if you have photos you wish to share! Thanks! ***

Due to unforeseen circumstances Leila Dunning has decided to step down as Ms. Wheelchair Virginia 2017. We want to wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.  

That being said, our First Runner-Up, Allyson Hart has graciously accepted the role as our new Ms. Wheelchair 2017! Congratulations Allyson!!

2017 Teen Ambassador

Jessica Wise

1980 Sheryl English-Jones             
1981 Karen Smith             
1982 Debra King                
1983 Virginia G. Palmer  
1984 Jeanette Faison Seitz           
1985 Judy Munske           
1986 Pat Lovell

2010 Niki Swann
2011 Emily McGrail
2012 Stephanie Copeland
2013 Brittany Yates
2014 Kanika Davis
2015 Angela West
2016 Laura Tollin
2017 Lelia Dunning

2017 Allyson Hart

Former-1st Runner-up 2017  
New Ms. Wheelchair Virginia 2017

Allyson Hart

2017 Little Miss Ambassador

Brianna Pena

The Ms, Wheelchair Virginia program was founded in 1974 and ran until 1986. The program was reestablished in 2001 in Richmond, VA and later moved to where it remains today, Wilson Workforce & Rehab Center in Fishersville, VA. 

Past State Titleholders

2001 Joan Lazendorfer
2002 Debbie Johnson
2003 Christina Draper
2004 Pamela Clark (Cobler)
2005 Angie Wilkerson
2006 Valerie Lewis
2007 Buddy Hayes
2008 Rose Williams

​2009 Joan Manley
​1974 Chris Lambruscati  
1975 Susan Aude              
1976 Sharon Myers         
1977 Marsha Lee Altice                 
1978 Tamara Slaughter  
1979 Birdie Jo Minor

The Titleholder "Roll"

​State Titleholder Contestant Criteria
1.      Woman who uses a wheelchair for 100% of daily mobility
2.      Between ages 21 and 60
3.      Resides in Virginia 6 months prior to Gala Weekend
4.      Strong message about an issue relating to people with disabilities
5.      Serve as the state titleholder at the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant 
For more information about becoming a contestant, please 
Contact Us Today!

Each year, a female wheelchair user is selected as “titleholder” through a weekend of educational workshops, interviews with judges, Table of Life displays, platform speeches and on-stage interview questions. She then spends the next year representing the organization and Virginians with disabilities, as well as ALL people as a role ("Roll") model of courage and hope. These wonderful women bring a positive, heartwarming and inspiring attitude toward life and show what can be done when faced with life’s obstacles.