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Ms. Wheelchair Virginia, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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The purpose of MWVA is to promote statewide awareness of disability issues, resources, and individual platforms that can create change and strengthen opportunities to overcome barriers and the challenges of Virginians with disabilities. 

We have been given a continued opportunity to represent Virginians throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and nationally, to spread a positive message about education, awareness, and accessibility. Each March, a new Ms. Wheelchair Virginia is selected to represent the Commonwealth for a year long reign. The Ms. Wheelchair Virginia titleholder automatically goes to compete in the national program,  Ms. Wheelchair America

To carry out the mission of our program, we use support from people like you to allow our titleholder to educate Virginians regarding accessibility and opportunities for people with disabilities, provide in-services, promote inclusion for people with disabilities, promote change in public policy regarding accessibility for individuals with disabilities, increase volunteerism, and expand awareness of Virginians with disabilities.  The titleholder does all of these things along with promoting her platform of advocacy. Each titleholder is an ambassador for these courageous individuals.  The titleholder makes guest appearances, speaking, lecturing, raising awareness, and educating the public, businesses, and government officials on issues that face millions of Virginians and Americans. Generosity of sponsors and donors are the main support of the organization.